Gardening: Mulching and the year of the zucchini squash

After almost two months of 90 degree and higher temps my garden has stopped producing. As I’ve said before it was an experiment. I haven’t had a full garden since 2012. My neighbors garden went out too. It didn’t produce like it always does.

Before we compared notes, I had read an article about mulching to keep the cool in and the heat out. I would have prepared if I had known that I was going to have a full garden this year. But, it was a spur of the moment thing. I also have two kitchen scrap compost bins going, and will keep that up all winter.

I do think some of the seeds, that I got were not good too. In 2012, I grew some beautiful pumpkins. This year out of three rows, I only got one and don’t know if it will grow to maturity. My tomatoes did better than usual, and of course more cucumbers and zucchini than I could use.

I think this year was the year of the zucchini squash. In groups that I have visited through the summer the main theme was zucchini squash. Also, recipe groups as well had predominantly zucchini squash recipes, even the Farmers Almanac. lol.

I learned a lot though this year. I didn’t really plant all, that I wanted to because of the seed storage.

My neighbor has never mulched. He burns his garden every year, and had an abundance in a small space. I won’t do that, never have. He isn’t anymore either. He is thinking of mulching too.

This Fall after the leaves drop, I’m going to lawnmower mulch. That should be fun. Rake and cut, rake and cut.

I read an article about shredding junk mail, and some commentators said it was a good idea. But, like a few I think there might be a build up of toxins over time. I would rather stick with plain shredded paper.

I’m getting ready to til under, and try to grow a Fall garden of just lettuce and turnips from seed. I’ll have to buy some mulch to put around them when they come up. I bought the seed from another company, than the ones that didn’t come up, or produce.

So this year I may have to carve a pumpkin from a store bought one. I’ll post pics of my 2012 pumpkins later. That was a good growing season.

© Wanda Sanders August 2020


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